Dear Fellow Professional Photographer,

Randy Davis

Randy Davis, President GPPDV

For almost seventy-five years, the Guild has strived to bring our profession the absolute best photographic education and inspiration from both top name speakers in our industry and from our own local talent.

In that time, the photographic industry has undergone quite a dramatic evolution, while at the same time, the availability of quality photographic education has been disappearing at an alarming rate, and the preferred methods of learning have also been changing.

The Guild has always worked hard to keep our organization strong, relevant and affordable, while always striving to bring our members the best professional photographic and artistic education available in these ever changing times.

However, the level of excellence you have come to expect also comes with a significant price tag, and we have done extraordinary things to maintain this standard of service to the industry with shrinking budgets and revenue.

After many months of discussions and meetings, The Guild’s 2017-2018 Board of Directors has come to the conclusion that the time for our own dramatic change has come. 

The “Guild” as we know it today must evolve to meet the new demands of how to educate and remain relevant to our current members as well as the new generations of photographers now entering the field.

In order to provide this level of education, cultivate continued growth, and preserve the great legacy of all those that served before us, the 2018 Board has created what we hope will be a revitalized blueprint for success.

What we have planned is a completely new and exciting photographic learning experience, while keeping many of the core values that have made the Guild great.

Our vision includes; more hands on learning and live demonstrations, awesome location shoots, lighting and posing workshops and fun meet ups to network and discuss issues that impact your business and your success. Image critiques, business/marketing tips and workshops on technologies we are not even aware of yet are all on our agenda for the future.

We envision a return to more personal interaction among members, more opportunities to network, make friends, socialize, and create the fraternity and fellowship of professional photographers that the Guild was originally founded upon. We plan to step away from six hour PowerPoint presentations in dark hotel rooms and focus on a more intimate, hands on and interactive learning experience on more focused topics.

And these are just a few of the exciting things we have in store.

We also plan on keeping this affordable for all those with the passion and desire to learn from the best mentors and masters in the industry. We will continue to be committed to your growth and success.

This reinvention and re-branding will not be an easy transition for us, nor will it happen overnight.

In order to tackle this daunting task, it has been decided that our Guild meetings calendar must take a break in 2018 and the Board members need a much-deserved sabbatical while we rebuild.

If you have already paid your 2018 membership dues, it can be refunded to you shortly,. or it can be applied to the 2019 agenda.

We ask for your patience in this new bold endeavor, and we ask more than ever for your continued support so we can keep our Guild’s mission alive for generations of future image-makers.

If we succeed, we guarantee this will be worth the wait! But, we cannot do this alone. We need your help and input for this to work and to be truly your organization.

Can you volunteer some of your time and expertise to see this new endeavor take flight? We want to hear from all of you now.  Without members and participation we will not survive no matter how great our new vision sounds.

To start, we ask that each of you please take a few minutes to fill out THIS SURVEY and share with us your opinions about the future of the Guild.

If you have specific concerns, or would like to volunteer to help in the transition, call me, Randy Davis at 267-626-4848…or email me at

When you receive a Guild email in the future, please make sure you open it.It will instruct you on taking that next leap with all of us in getting the Guild renewed, reinvented, and better than ever.


Randy Davis and your
2017-2018 Board of Directors

Want to hear more? We are currently in the process of picking a date and location to host a Social Mixer in the area in the next month or two.  So check your Guild emails for an update shortly.

We hope you all will be able to come out and unwind, socialize with your fellow photographers, share your thoughts with the 2018 Guild Board, and hear more exciting details of things to come in 2019.

Can’t make the mixer? We still want to hear your thoughts and ideas. Please fill out the survey and let us know your thoughts!