February Image Competition Results

Congratulations to all who entered our first Image Competition of 2017!

Special thanks go to our Competition Committee members for setting up and running the event, Maria Sampaio, Randy Davis, and Dennis Kelly. And our gratitude to our panel of judges, Roger Hammons, Christina Martin, and George Singleton.

Complete results can be downloaded HERE.

Congratulations to Randy Davis for earning Best of Show!  Here are the Court of Honor Winners:


Best of Show R. Davis “Dead Stare”


Court of Honor J. Abbott “Sgt. Rock”


Court of Honor M. Sampaio “Mom Said Just One.”


Court of Honor J. Reinford “We Are Family”


Court of Honor J. Reinford “Beach Stones”


Court of Honor L. Menshov “Ready to Dance”


Court of Honor S. Kalina “Margaux”


Court of Honor E. Huff “Treasure”


Court of Honor R. Davis “Ride Like the Wind”


Court of Honor S. Brownlee “A Child’s Garden”

Here are all the Blue Ribbon Images:

AbbottJ Howdy Y'allRG.jpgAbbottJ Sgt RockRG.jpgAbbottJ The Sheriff's daughterRG.jpgBrownleeS A Child's GardenRG.jpgBrownleeS Story TimeRG.jpgBrownleeS Waited a Lifetime to LOVERG.jpgBrownleeS Wanna play peek a boo-RG.jpgDavisR Calm Amongst The Smoke Of The FiresRG.jpgDavisR Dead StareRG.jpgDavisR Ride Like The WindRG.jpgDavisR Wait for MeRG.jpgHuff E GwendolynRG.jpgHuff E RivuletsRG.jpgHuff E TreasureRG.jpgKalinaS ChillRG.jpgKalinaS MargauxRG.jpgKalinaS Mother and Daughter Fall PortraitRG.jpgKelly D BombshellRG.jpgKelly D Dance to the Music of Your Heart_1RG.jpgKelly D EnchantressRG.jpgKelly D Prisoner of the HeartRG.jpgKelly D Steampunk VixenRG.jpgMartinR Let's Go Fishin'RG.jpgMartinR Michelle's Wedding DayRG.jpgMartinR Really Hot RodRG.jpgMartinR Sunset At Great Fountain GeyserRG.jpgMenshovL In A Secret GardenRG.jpgMenshovL Ready To DanceRG.jpgMettusA  KarlRG.jpgMoffaM A first walkRG.jpgMoffaM SassyRG.jpgMoffaM Sunset dramaRG.jpgReinfordJ Beach StonesRG.jpgReinfordJ Clamb ShellRG.jpgReinfordJ first waveRG.jpgReinfordJ NocturnalRG.jpgReinfordJ Purple DuskRG.jpgReinfordJ We Are FamilyRG.jpgRobertsonJ I'll Always RememberRG.jpgRobertsonJ My Great GrandmotherRG.jpgRoebuckP AmenRG.jpgRoebuckP One DayRG.jpgRoebuckP The HangoverRG.jpgSampaioM Helter-SkelterRG.jpgSampaioM Kit-tastrophyRG.jpgSampaioM Mom said just oneRG.jpgSampaioM One more, now fourRG.jpgSampaioM The BoxerRG.jpgVarleyL A Moment in Time.jpgRG.jpg