Gary Box September 18 2017

Gary Box 

Thinking Inside the Box

Monday, September 18, 2017


Wyndham Philadelphia Bucks County Hotel

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Gary Box (Master Photographer, Craftsman Photographer, Certified Professional Photographer) opened his studio in 1989 in a small town near Tulsa, OK. His studio is a medium volume, high quality studio offering senior, family, children and other portraits. Although he is passionate about image creation, he takes the business end very seriously. His business journey has led him from a larger volume operation with 10 employees to a smaller studio specializing in quality of portraits and service.

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Thinking Inside the Box

Success in today’s ultra competitive market isn’t easy. It requires photographic excellence and business acumen. After nearly 30 years in business, Gary Box has been able to remain on top in his market. He credits this to hard work, flowing the rules and knowing when to break them.

Gary will walk through his approach to image creation. From set design and location choose to Skilled lighting and pose coaching. How he combines both old school and new school approaches. But great images mean little without the ability to monetize them. So follow Gary as he outlines his approach to marketing, pricing and sales. He will share his secrets to maintaining a $2000 average order on 200 seniors a year. He will also share how these approaches are applied to family and children orders as well.

You can be a success in this industry. Making a 6 figure income can be done, you don’t have to be a starving artist.

Program is free for GPPDV members and members do not need to pre-register. Guests and non-members may attend for $69. Register using the online form below.